Welcome to Paddywhack.

My goal is to make fantastic larp products from all over the world available to larpers here in New Zealand and Australia.

The Paddywhack range includes some of the biggest names in larp manufacturing today.

Palnatoke, Epic Armoury, Forgotten Dreams and IDV all have reputations for excellence. Each has their own style and production techniques. Paddywhack gives you the opportunity to find the gear you want, without the cost of shipping from the other side of the world.

Whether you're looking for beautiful weapons and shields, larp archery equipment, makeup and prosthetics, costumes, armour, leatherworks or accessories, I have you covered.

If something you want isn't in stock, you can still order it and I'll bring it in on backorder.

Hope you enjoy browsing the site, and I'll see you at a larp soon.

Ryan Paddy | Paddywhack Productions

News 23 Dec 2014

New stock from Palnatoke is just in, including some of their new range of Great Swords!